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3 Important Things about Wall Fireplaces to Take into Consideration

Wall fireplace can be a wonderful addition to your home and especially if you live in a region where cold weather condition forces you to have a fireplace in your house. If this is your first time buying a wall fireplace, definitely you must be having few questions in your mind, right? Well this guide will guide you with all the important aspects that need to be considered when buying a wall fireplace.

It becomes very difficult if this is your first time with wall fireplace and you simply cannot trust a sales person because their job is to impress you with their fireplace products, earn the commission and move on, they don’t care about your requirements and functional difficulties you may face while installing it in your home. To help you in that regard we have compiled list of 3 important questions you must ask yourself before buying a wall fireplace. Please go through given below points:

Does your home require a chimney?

These days there are plenty of options available in terms of types of fireplaces that include electric fireplace, gel and bio-fuel fireplaces. All these 3 energy sources do not require you to have a chimney in your house as well ventilation. This is an important advantage because you can place these fireplaces anywhere in your house without having to worry about space, chimney or ventilation problem. On the other side if you like to create spa type ambiance in your bathroom, you can have these fireplaces installed there as well. The biggest plus point is that they do not create smoke; hence there is no need for exhaust system or chimney to blow the smoke out of your room.

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Have a look at some of these beautifully wall mounted fireplaces for inspiration:

Are these fireplaces safe for kids and your home?

Safety of your kids is the biggest concern when it comes to having a fireplace in your house. However, modern fireplace types like gel, bio-fuel and electric ones are completely safe. Even if you go with bio-fuel one that creates flames, it is still absolutely safe for your house and children, because they are designed in such a way that they do not cause any harm at all. Given the fact that generally these fireplaces are installed on the wall at your head level, it makes them perfect because your kids won’t be able to reach that height.

Here is a video of how to install electric fireplace in your home:

Do they really work in terms of generating heat?

Majority of people who haven’t experienced these modern fireplaces believe that they do not generate heat in the house and they are just meant for display. That is completely false and just an assumption out of curiosity. These fireplaces work as good as any other traditional fireplace with chimney and create enough heat to make you feel warm in coldest of weather conditions.