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Fresh and Unique Ideas For Handmade Cards Creation

The perception of handmade greeting cards is still very new in fact when festive season fast approaching many people only prefer handmade cards to gift their loved ones. The idea of bringing that cheerful smile on the faces of beloved ones through handmade greeting cards actually brings immense satisfaction to the one who is presenting the card. So if you are also thinking to bring that spark in the eyes of your loved ones through your creatively designed handmade cards then going through given below 3 unique ideas of handmade cards will further enable you adding limelight to the entire thought of making cards by your own.

handmade greeting cards

Have you ever watched bird’s shape? If not then try to remember it once you will find one of the exciting greeting card shape in it. Outlining and cutting cardboard sheet in bird shape will provide a basic structure of your card, with the help of markers, ribbons, rhinestones, and circle punch you can creatively design the card. Besides this, Reindeer cards are also very much in, easy to draw and cute in looks, Reindeer shape cards are mostly preferred for Christmas but you can use the idea for different occasion for say, how about making romantic reindeer card for your fiance? Though never forget leaving meaningful message inside the card.

Along with this, handmade greeting cards can be freely designed by considering craft ideas or simply with oil paint colors, if you are good at drawing sketching or even knows spray painting, thread painting, other form of arts you can use your skills to make beautiful handmade cards. Though there are stickers, patterned card-stock available in the market that can be utilized if you are not aware of such art skills. However, before you actually start making handmade card do the research about the main theme of card, use your imagination and creative skills to bring out best from handmade card.

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