Testosterone Deficiency – Causes, Health Effects, and Treatment

Testosterone is considered as the primary androgen (male sex hormone), because it is responsible for the physical changes and sexual development in men. This hormone is found in greater levels in men than women. It is the hormone that plays a key role in bringing about facial hair, a deeper voice, and bigger muscles in men during puberty. In healthy male adults, it spurs guys’ sex drive and fertility and helps men to perform much better sexually.



Testosterone that usually peaks at 19 gradually begins to drop in mid-30’s, and this drop continues to accelerate as men grow older. The decline of male sex hormone to some stable level is absolutely fine but when it swings toward a dysfunctional state then we call it a low testosterone (or Low-T) or testosterone deficiency. Testosterone deficiency occurs when the body stops to produce enough of the testosteron erhöhen hormone, or produces abnormally low amount of this male sex hormone.


Causes of Testosterone Deficiency

The primary cause of low levels of testosterone is aging. Testosterone starts to diminish each year after age 30. But aging is not only the reason behind testosteron’s decline. There are some known medical factors that lead to testosterone deficiency, including chemotherapy, having some kind of infection like meningitis, syphilis, mumps; glandular malformation, cancers of the pituitary gland, or damage to the testes. It has also been shown in clinical studies that overweight or obese men and those having diabetes or high blood pressure may be more at risk of having low levels of this sex hormone. Testosterone deficiency can also be caused by genetic disorders and inadequate levels of zinc in the body.


Health Effects

Since we all know that amount of testosterone in men greatly influence their reproductive and sexual function as well as their muscle mass and sexual characteristics. So, men who are testosterone deficient may experience lower sex drive, decreased sexual function, loss of muscle mass and bone density, reduced muscle strength, increased body fat  and poor concentration. Memory loss, timidity, low energy levels, mood swings, and passive attitude are other common symptoms of low levels of testosterone.


How is Testosterone Deficiency Treated

Deficiency of Testosterone is treated with testosterone therapy which is available in the form of injections, lotions, gels, creams, tablets and patches. There are a number of hormone booster supplements that are intended to help boost testosterone levels and increase muscle mass. There are a wide variety of vitamins, nutritional or hormonal supplements marketed, particularly on the Internet, as treatment to build muscles and boost sex drive. There are also many herbal products available over-the-counter that claim to act like testosterone and improve muscle strength and bring a man’s testosterone levels back to normal.


Every testosterone remedy has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is quite depressing that many men, especially athletes and bodybuilders, today illegally inject anabolic steroids to elevate muscle growth and raise their sex hormone level in the body. These synthetic steroids often cause significant side effects. Use of these drugs can shrink men’s testicles simply because they are no longer used in testosterone and sperm production. Taking synthetic steroids may also put men at an increased risk of serious health risk like prostate cancers due to the excess amount of steroids in their systems. So, you need to be extra cautious while choosing a hormone booster because one wrong decision can have devastating effects on your health and body. We recommend you to look for 100% natural testosterone boosters that contain plant-based extracts and highest quality ingredients. It is extremely important to know about the elements used in the development of any testobooster as it can give you a clear idea about its efficacy and effectiveness. Know more about the remedies to elevate your testosterone levels naturally and safely at the website http://www.alpha-mann.com/testosteron-erhoehen-die-7-grundlagen-zur-natuerlichen-testosteronsteigerung.